Team instruction: How to use Overlap in FM

The “Look for Overlap” team instruction (on either right or left side) in Football Manager can be a powerful tool when used correctly. It can add an extra dimension to your attacking play and create more scoring opportunities. In this article, we will discuss when and when not to use overlap in FM, the roles that work well with overlapping, how it affects chance creation, and what attributes players should have to be effective in an overlapping role.

When to use overlap in FM?

Overlapping is best used in formations that require width and support for the forwards. It is also suitable for teams that rely on creating chances through crosses and runs from wide areas. Overlapping is particularly useful in counter-attacking play, where teams can quickly transition from defense to attack.

When not to use overlap in FM?

Overlapping should not be used in formations that prioritize solidity in defense over attacking potential. Teams that play with a deep defensive line should also avoid overlapping, as it can leave the defense exposed to counter-attacks. Additionally, overlapping is not suitable for teams that rely on through balls or playing through the center of the pitch.

What roles work well with overlap in FM?

The Wingback and Fullback roles work well with overlapping. Wingbacks, in particular, have a more balanced role between attack and defense, making them ideal for overlapping. Additionally, Wingbacks have more pace and dribbling ability compared to fullbacks, making them more effective in making overlapping runs.

How does overlapping affect chance creation?

Overlapping can greatly improve chance creation, as it provides width and support to the attack. Overlapping runs and crosses from the wings can create confusion in the opposition defense and open up space for forwards to score. Additionally, overlapping players can create 2v1 or 3v2 situations, increasing the chances of scoring.

Do I have to use the Overlap instruction on both sides in FM?

NO! You do not have to use the overlap instruction symetrically in FM. You can acheive good results with overlapping on one side of the pitch. 

What attributes should overlapping players have?

  1. Pace: Overlapping players need to have pace to make runs and get back into position quickly.
  2. Crossing: Overlapping players must have the ability to deliver accurate crosses into the box.
  3. Dribbling: Overlapping players must be able to dribble past opponents and beat them in one-on-one situations.
  4. Stamina: Overlapping players must have high stamina to cover the entire length of the pitch, making runs and tracking back.
  5. Positioning: Overlapping players must have good positioning, both in attack and defense.

The “Look for Overlap” instruction in Football Manager can be a valuable tool for creating more scoring opportunities and improving your team’s attacking play. Consider the when, why, and how of overlapping, and make sure to have players with the right attributes to make the most of this tactical instruction.

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