FM20 Wingers and Wide Attacking Midfielders Roles

Wide Attacking Roles

Wide Attacking Midfielder Roles – FM20

There are 7 Winger and Wide Attacking Midfielder roles in Football Manager as of FM20. These are:

  • Winger
  • Advanced Playmaker
  • Inverted Winger
  • Inside Forward
  • Wide Target Man
  • Trequartista
  • Raumdeuter

Deciding the correct role for you player in FM requires considering how the role fits your tactic, how well suited the player is to the role and what you want to achieve by assigning that role. Attacking midfielders are often both chance creators and chance converters, and wide players can make or break goal scoring opportunities for you team. In this guide we will explore the basics of each role for Wide Attacking Midfielders. A more in depth look at each role will be provided in it’s own page.

Roles by Descriptions

Football Manager provides some information about each of these roles, however using them to your benefit requires further analysis. These are the descriptions of each role from as we see them:

  • Winger: The winger is your go to outside man in wide tactics. Needs to be fast and technical as well as intelligent in order to create good chances.
  • Advanced Playmaker: A wide playmaker of sorts, looks to aquire the ball, read the opposition and rely on vision and technical prowess to find a forward in striking position.
  • Inverted winger: Moves more centrally and looks for overlaps as to both crowd the middle of the pitch while opening up space for forthcoming wingbacks.
  • Wide Target Man: Uses strength and Aerial mastery to press his way through the defense and find openings for forwards
  • Trequartista: The difficult to cover winger who lurks into space in order to find openings and create opportunities for other players as well as himself.
  • Raumdueter: If you have Tomas Muller, then you have a raumdueter. All others are just attempting this role. Right place at the right time attacker, finding half spaces and channels starting with near perfect positioning off the ball.

For in depth analysis of these roles, see the relevant pages.